Internet Marketing Video Playlists

On this page I have embedded some of the best How To Video’s I have found for beginners to get started. Enjoy !

Website and SEO for Business Playlist

To start off these six video’s from Network Solutions do a great job in explaining why it is important to have a website and what you need to get started!


Social Media Video Playlist

Next up we have a shorter playlist on Social Media, the first one being an amazing blend of Statistics on memberships, well worth a watch. Note these sites are growing so fast that the stat totals even though made in early 2012 are often out of date a week later !


E-Commerce Video Playlist

This is a genius funny video that plays out an e-commerce experience in a real life supermarket!


Augmented Reality Video Playlist

These are some brilliant videos showing how the offline and online world are merging through Augmented Reality!