Google+ is the Social Network from Google. It is more similar to Facebook than Twitter. I have compiled some short videos and links to give you an introduction.
Once a member you can have a Personal Page and a Business Page.

This link will give you all the info. you need about the service Google+ Get Started

It is really easy to set up your account;

It’s main difference is how it segments your contacts into “Circles” so that when you post an update you can choose which groups see it and which don’t.

This short movie shows Circles in action and how easy they are to set up

Here is how to find your friends and add them;

Just like Facebook you can share photo’s and video’s but you can choose who sees it and even share it with people not on Google+ by using their e-mail address. Google+ has a +1 option which is their version of Facebooks “Like”.

Another big feature is the “Hangout” option where you can video conference with up to 10 friends simultaneously with some really good features.

More info. on how to is available from this link Google+ Hangouts

You can expand this feature and broadcast you Hangout live on air to as many millions as you like !

Google+ is also a Network where you can set up a Business page just like Facebook.
This link will show you how. Google+ Business Page Set Up

This is a video showing a Google+ Business page.

Here the video shows you the steps involved in setting up a Google business page.