Google Webmaster Tools

Google Webmaster Tools is a website with a number of services offered by Google, to those who manage websites.
(A Webmaster is someone who is responsible for the management of content on a website.)

It has a number of important functions that allow you to;

  1. Submit your Website to Google
  2. Verify you are the owner/manager of the Website to Google 
  3. Submit a list (sitemap) of your websites pages to Google to be added to their index
  4. Link your Google Webmaster Tools to your Google Analytics accounts for extra reports
  5. Set the country you wish your website to target in Search Results
  6. Set the Canonical Url for your website (www or non www domain address for your site)
  7. Get e-mail alerts if your site becomes infected with Malware
  8. Inform Google if you are moving your website to a new address
  9. Ability to remove certain website pages from Google’s index of results
  10. Request that certain pages do not appear in a list of page links in a search result
  11. Check to see if Google is having any issues crawling your web pages
  12. Add extra personnel contacts for the website
  13. Further more advanced functions which dictate how your site results display in Google Search results pages, such as Structured Data and Data Highlighter options

Information on the Webmaster Tools is split into four main sections;

  1. Search Appearance – Dictates how your sites results display in Google
  2. Search Traffic – How searchers are finding your website
  3. Google Index – What pages from your site are contained in Googles Index for results
  4. Google Crawl – When your site was last crawled by Google and if there were any issues

This is Google’s website including video explanations for Beginner Webmasters

This is the link to the Help section for Google Webmaster Tools Help Site

For a good article on how to register your site on Google Webmaster Tools click here