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My name is Denis McCaul and I promise to keep this brief !!! Below is a short Bio about myself and why I startedĀ this site, what got me interested in Internet Marketing, my training and my motivation.

I am from Ireland, originally County Cork and have been living in Dublin for the past 16 years. I am not a techie geek type by nature but find myself slowly being drawn towards all things digital!

There is a lot of advice and how to demonstrations on the internet covering just about every subject. It’s always important to check just exactly who it’s really from, the source or agenda behind it all, especially if it’s free!


Aidan McCaul Retail Store Millstreet

In 1981 when I was 7 years old my Dad opened a retail store in a County Cork town in Ireland called Millstreet. It is still trading and sells homewares, hardware, paint, furniture, flooring, gardening etc. If it’s found inside a house, he has it, somewhere! The kids in our family to varying degrees worked in the shop after school, weekends or on holidays (whether we liked it or not!) So in some way shape or form since then, for the past 30 years I have been involved in selling something.


Retail – After working at home I worked in retail in a hire shop and then supermarkets as a trainee manager. From this I progressed to being a Sales Rep for Masterfoods (Mars, Pedigree Chum, Dolmio) and went on to be a regional manager for Costcutter when they first came to Ireland. Out of this I took on a lease for a year of a Mace store in Cork, it was quite an achievement and failure all rolled into one. They say you have to fail to succeed and in hindsight I learned more from that failure than any other experience. Above all it got me interested in Business Book Keeping so now I have an intimate understanding of Profitability!

Following that my old boss from Masterfoods hired me in Eircom where I spent 10 good years in Business Development, Account Management, Product Training and Reseller roles. Website

While still in Eircom in 2010 I became interested in Internet Marketing and started working evenings and weekends with a friends start upĀ called , a bootcamp style fitness company. We expanded it from one location to ten in a year and it is still thriving today. It was my first experience of setting up an eCommerce website and switching to payments online. I have stepped back from any operational involvement but I still do the Book Keeping and prepare the Business accounts monthly.


Techspectations and DCU LogoFrom this I started attending Digital Marketing workshops run by Techspectations in DCU covering everything from Websites to Social Media, SEO to Online Pr. It was then that I decided to leave work and pursue a Post Grad in Digital Marketing there. Now I have qualified and what better way to put it into practice than to build my own website and cover all aspects of Internet Marketing. Because I am new to the industry it is an ideal way to raise my own profile within it while helping businesses at the same time.


The more I speak to Business owners in Ireland about selling and marketing online the more I find that many just do not understand it. It is not surprising, in the greater scheme of things this stuff is relatively new. Some companies are doing it really well and surging ahead, most are trying in some fashion but achieve little return. So on this site I aim to bridge that gap by turning the complicated jargon and abbreviations into plain and simple English. I aim to show you how to plan your years Marketing, set up your online platforms, have live case studies to follow and get practical and applicable advice from Industry professionals, not just bluster. YouTube Podcast Blog I aim to do this is an easy to follow format on video, podcasts or Blogs rather than lots of reading. This is the internet after all, why it is so popular is because it’s a bright screen, with pictures and video’s, it’s entertaining, which is what I aim to be. Learning doesn’t have to be torture, it should be fun! So that’s the plan, the motivation, the why, I hope you subscribe for the newsletter, updates and follow on the Social Media pages.


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Denis McCaul – the real world Human being! When I am not on the Laptop pursuing my insatiable appetite to learn more about online marketing I am to be found living an active offline life! I got back into fitness in 2008 and now neither drink or smoke (very boring I know!). I am not married and don’t have any kids so am fortunate to have plenty of time for outdoor activities, once it doesn’t rain, I hate the rain!