What is MarketingDenis.com all about ?

So you work in or run a business. Maybe you are a Sales manager. Do you find Marketing on the Internet somewhat of a mystery, or just simply overwhelming?

The world of Online Marketing is filled with complex sounding jargan.

Do you wish someone would explain what it is all about in simple, easy to understand terms? Well you are not alone…

I am no expert by any means, but I do have a general understanding of all aspects of Internet Marketing. More importantly I meet a lot of business owners who want to know more on the subject, but don’t have the time to research.

Well here I will do my best to explain the various segments of this area in a straightforward manner.

Denis MccaulMission

The purpose of MarketingDenis.Com is simple:

To provide a reference site for Businesses that explains in plain english, the purpose and benefits of Internet, Online, Digital marketing.

MarketingDenis and its content will be managed by me, Denis McCaul.

The website, related Social Media accounts and its online promotion will be my opportunity to put into practice the education I am undertaking in this field.

  1. Postgraduate Certificate in Digital Marketing completed in May 2012 in Dublin City University
  2. Website Content development for Business Completing May 2013 – Dundalk Institute of Technology
  3. Web Activate completing December 2013 – Digital Skills Academy Dublin

I spent 12 years in Sales and Account Management roles for Masterfoods and Eircom. I also had my own business for a year in 2000 and more recently worked expanding a start-up in 2010 and 2011.

Online Marketing for Business

From talking to business owners there seems to be a level of confusion in many cases as to the application of online marketing. This website will aim to change that. From Websites to Social Media accounts, Search Engine results to e-mail Marketing, I will post videos from experts explaining each platform that a business can use and how to benefit from their efforts.